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Conote has developed a highly reliable system with security and GDPR as its highest priority. Not only is your data highly protected, we've gone to extra lengths to give you control of the data being viewed within your organisation to give you peace of mind and added confidence.


GDPR is at our core, giving you peace of mind:

  • We have a dedicated & private server meaning all the data you store with us is secure, protected & safe.​​

  • Bulk download feature that requires Production Manager access and 2 factor authentication meaning it can only be downloaded from our system with management approval.

  • Multiple tiers of different access for your team so you can be confident knowing your team only have access to certain data depending on their job role.



  • Production Managers can delete any user from viewing data imminently.​

  • ​Production Managers have to manually accept a user to view production data.

  • Production Managers can change any user's level of access to data imminently.​

  • Tier 1 users will have access to every scene created, whereas Tier 2 & 3 users will only have access to scenes they are accepted into

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Kemp House 160, City Road London, EC1V 2NX

Tel: 020 7459 4375

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