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The Conote Pocketbook

The Ultimate Consent Management Tool

The GREEN alternative

(that protects our planet whilst
eliminating the faff!)

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Make sure to turn on SOUND! 

Become an Efficient Team, Together.



We can save you an estimated 900+ hours of production time over a six month period.



We save an average of 3500 pieces of paper per production.



By eliminating the tedious faff, Conote Pocketbook frees up the head space of your crew and increases their creativity.



We allow management complete visibility of what and where your crew are filming. Ensuring your crew have secure access to the system anywhere and at any time.



By switching to digital, we minimise the risk of transferring infection, such as Covid-19, by eliminating the use of paper.

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Meet Eleanor, our Founder

Hello! I am a former TV Producer, with previous credits such as BBC1's Ambulance, Channel 4's 24 Hours in Police Custody and BBC2's Surgeons: At The Edge of Life.

I absolutely loved TV production as I have progressed in my career (and still do!) but I quickly became fed up of how inefficient managing consent forms was. I wanted to make my life easier both on shoots and in the edit, so I created the Conote Pocketbook.

I could go on and on about all the glorious benefits (and you can see me doing so here), but I urge you to see for yourself how our product will revolutionise your productions by booking in a demo with us.


It is no coincidence that our clients stick with us. Save masses of time, reduce faff and protect the planet. It really is a no brainer.

Do you recognise these problems?

  • Spending vasts amount of time locating scattered shoot notes and consents in the edit.

  • Wasting hours of time scanning & filing paper consent forms.

  • Waiting for shoot data to be uploaded to your designated portal by one of the team before you can crack on with your work.

  • Have trouble identifying contributors that show up in your footage, especially when frame by framing.​ 

  • Have fractured communication between the shoot & the edit and therefore missing key information. The edit producers aren't always at the shoot, so how are they to know what exactly went on?

Our Solution

A state of the art online system that equips crews with a central hub to collect, store & track contributor information, consents & shoot notes that are instantly accessible and secure.


We're not just an app. Our state of the art system converts all your inputted app data into spreadsheets instantly, available to download for your archive folders.

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How Do We Make Your Life Easier? 

Encourage Team Communication

Helps Save Time & Money 

Makes Information Accessible 

Keeps Everyone in The Loop 


Our GREEN Commitment

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Our industry is in trouble.

Each hour of television produced leaves a carbon footprint of 9.2 tonnes, which is the equivalent of two households' annual consumption.

We are soon to face a place of no-return, with irreversible damage affecting our earth.

We make these promises to you as our client:

We will continue to be committed to being a leading positive sustainable change in our industry

We will use renewable energy for our digital servers

For every production that uses our services, we will plant up to 100 trees.


Trusted by the Greatest


As featured in..

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Conote has developed a highly reliable system with security and GDPR as its highest priority. Not only is your data highly protected, we've gone to extra lengths to give you control of the data being viewed within your organisation to give you peace of mind and added confidence.


To find out more, click here.

Hear It from Our Clients

“As someone who has used other popular digital releasing systems, this has literally changed the game. I recommend this to all productions wanting to save time, money and improve communication between crews.”

Tegan Edwards, Producer/Director

Laura Matthews, Production Executive


Harry Winteringham

Freelance Producer / Director

Described as a 'Game Changer' by Industry Execs


For a virtual demo or to ask any questions, please fill in your contact details and we will be in touch.

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Kemp House 160, City Road London, EC1V 2NX

020 7459 4375

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