The Ultimate Consent and Shoot Note Management Tool

Conote Pocketbook

A COVID-19 Solution

Paperwork only encourages multiple person contact.


The Pocketbook

eliminates paperwork.


A transformational tool for TV productions managing contributor consents and shoot notes, eliminating a hefty workload.


A central hub to collect, store & track contributor information, consents & shoot notes that are accessible instantly and securely. Available offline.

Transforming crew operations on location and post production workloads.


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The Key Benefits


Saving you an estimated 900+ hours of production time over a six month period.


Freeing up head space and increasing creativity.


Allows management complete visibility of what and where their crew are filming. Allows your crew secure access to the system anywhere and at any time.

Covid-19: Infection Control Compliant

Minimising the risk of transferring infection by eliminating the use of paper.

Do you recognise these problems?

  •  Spending vasts amount of time locating scattered shoot notes and consents in the edit.

  • Wasting hours of time scanning & filing paper consent forms.

  • Waiting for shoot data to be uploaded to your designated portal by one of the team before you can crack on with your work.

  • Have trouble identifying contributors that show up in your footage, especially when frame by framing.​ 

  • Have fractured communication between the shoot & the edit and therefore missing key information. The edit producers aren't always at the shoot, so how are they to know what exactly went on? 

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Shoot Paperwork

The Problem

  • Production companies within the TV Industry are wasting vast amounts of time & money using outdated methods of collecting, storing and organising consent information and shoot notes. 

  • This results in a high risk of data loss, footage loss and massive GDPR breaches.

  • And this problem leads to an unmotivated crew spending far too much time thinking about paperwork & less time actively focusing on creativity & outstanding quality television.

The Solution


A state of the art online system that equips crews with a central hub to collect, storetrack contributor information, consents & shoot notes that are instantly accessible and secure.


We're not just an app. Our state of the art system converts all your inputted app data into spreadsheets instantly, available to download for your archive folders.

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Service Support

At Conote, we view ourselves as an extension of your production team, supporting the whole operation, always there behind you. You are investing in an end-to-end service rather than an isolated product.

  • Team training on the system and how to use it, including creating 'Superusers' within your company.

  • Provide online tutorial and FAQ's for reference at any time.

  • Customer Support, monthly check-ins.

  • Pre and Post Production Briefings with PM.


GDPR & Security

Conote has developed a highly reliable system with security and GDPR as its highest priority. Not only is your data highly protected, we've gone to extra lengths to give you control of the data being viewed within your organisation to give you peace of mind and added confidence.

We take GDPR seriously

For peace of mind and added confidence

Fostering creativity. We believe creativity helps us acknowledge and celebrate our own uniqueness and diversities.


We want to enable crew to have the additional time and focus to maximise the use of their talent and create outstanding quality television.


Our goal is to promote creativity by eliminating the tedious faff out everyday working lives.


What we stand for

Plans & Pricing


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What The Industry Says

'It's revolutionary!! Streamlines everything, easy to access consents, organised and it will be infinitely easier when it comes to the edit.

I hope all productions use this in the future.'


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